20 x 30 Screen Print


THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH (1976) directed by Nicolas Roeg


Limited to 145 signed and numbered by the artist.


Tim Doyle - “I specifically wanted to design this poster so that it could hang either direction, there is no true ‘up’ with this image. The film features Bowie playing an alien come to Earth to help save his family on his home planet, but instead finds his own moral ruin. My intention was to show him both ascending to salvation and falling to his own destruction.  It’s truly a haunting and sparse film- if you haven’t seen it, seek it out.  The artwork is by me, and the type and art assist is by Tyler Skaggs.


Copyright © 1976 Studiocanal Films Ltd. All rights reserved

The Man Who Fell to Earth - Art by Tim Doyle

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