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Collecting James Rheem Davis Prints

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

First commission was for a HalloWhedon UK convention, been hooked ever since.

After collecting original movies posters for years, thanks mainly to Mondo, the screen print alternative designs soon became a new addiction.

Have to say, Mondo set me on this slippery path, first purchase was A Nightmare on Elm Street, found it by accident while looking for an original quad.

Found Mondo by chance back in 2008, while searching for an original Nightmare on Elm Street I discovered James' work. Lost Boys followed very soon.


Since the first two purchases I decided to attend various UK conventions, primarily #showmasters events. Had to contact James and ask if I could buy stock and commission a pice for the Hallowhedon event. James was so helpful, couldn't have asked for more!

Been collecting and commissioning ever since. Love finding new art for the conventions.

I think Lost Boys is my favourite, what's yours?

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