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Malleus is an Italian three headed collective spreading its tentacles through all kind of visual art, from illustration to videos, passing through handpulled screen prints.
The iconography at the base of their work originates from a vast scenery including figurative arts, in particular Expressionism and Symbolism,
Art Nouveau and Surrealism, Pop Art and Psychedelic Art, and also comics, photography, cinema and literature.

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'Chris Skinner is an illustrator and motion graphics artist based in Derbyshire, UK. A staple in the poster and limited edition print industry where he creates artwork based on popular film, graphic novels and popular culture'.


Carlos Valenzuela

'A freelance illustrator and comic book cover artist from Chile (South-America). Carlos has worked for several companies in the entertainment field like Fantasy Flight Games, SQP Publishing, Comics Buyer's Guide, Pyranha Bytes, Avatar Press, Ballistic Publishing, Ilex UK and IDW'.


James Rheem Davis

James has been commissioned by the Alamo Drafthouse / MONDO on numerous occasions to create posters / art prints for some of their bigger events like Black Christmas and Lost boys. He has also been commissioned by various Movie theaters around the world to create posters / art prints for movie screenings in venues.

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Richard Wells

Richard is a graphic designer working on various TV and Film sets around the UK.
Just recently he has finished working with the BBC on their flagship TV series, Doctor Who. Visit his online store to find everything from paintings to linocuts.

Godmachine Alien.png


'Godmachine grew up on a steady diet of nothing, 2000AD comics, Santa Cruz skateboards and old library books of Klimt and Beardsley.
His art is born of Jim Philips, raised by Simon Bisley and adopted by his everyday influences; film, literature and music'. 


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